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Picking a Plan

Determining what type of plan you want to have is crucial to ensuring your Basement Defender is ready to keep your home safe.

  1. Download the app.
Picking a Plan
Picking a Plan

2. You were sent a registration email with a link to click on, if not contact us at so we can resend the link.

Picking a Plan

3. Go to a desktop computer.

4. Click on the email link.

5. Create a password.

6. Go to the Basement Defender web page and in the yellow “CUSTOMER” box on the top right side of your screen click on the dropdown “Portal”.

Picking a Plan

7. Login with your email and password you just created.

Picking a Plan

8. On the left side of the screen you will see a menu with “My Plans”. Click on that.

Picking a Plan

9. Enter in all your information as well as your cell phone service.

10. Register with an active credit card.

Picking a Plan

11. Choose the Basic Plan that is $144 a year to activate the free 12 months of service (Don’t worry you will not be be charged).

12. Login on to app and view your systems data.

Picking a Plan
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