The importance of daily testing your sump pump.

The importance of daily testing your sump pump.

 Do you know if your sump pump is working?

Better yet, do you know if it’s not working?

Why should you test your sump pumps daily.

Sump pumps are a mechanical device that can fail at any time. You want to know when they fail before a storm hits or the ice melts.

Homeowners usually say two things when I ask them the questions above.

My pump never runs, we don’t get a lot of water.

My pump runs all the time, I can hear it working.

In either case you need to know when a pump fails before an emergency event, like the 9.5″ of rail we had in 2020 May in Chicago.

In these arctic cold spells we have had multiple customers who have had 1- 2 year old pumps burn up & die due to frozen or blocked discharge lines. They received excessive run time alerts, where their pumps run for 3 minutes without turning off.

The water does not discharge, the water in the pit does not go down and the pump usually dies or burns up.

Like a car, gas generator or even a snow blower, pumps need to be exercised, if it has been sitting for a long time you know it’s going to have issues, the same as any mechanical device.

If you have a sump pump in a crawlspace it’s even more important, because most people never go down in there.

If you have a bathroom ejector pump in your basement that should be tested daily as well.

This is why your pump needs to be tested every day.

This is the reason why Basement Defender was invented by Roy Spencer.