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Be sure to check out the Basement Defender™ display at Builder Supply Outlet.

Builder Supply Outlet is a family owned business with two generations in the company. For the past decade, the Jahnke’s have dedicated themselves to finding the best materials for home improvement projects and renovations. Their goal, when starting the company, was to offer higher end product than the big box stores at a more affordable price with value in mind. Builder Supply Outlet buys factory direct to get the best price possible, offering you a better quality product at the same price you pay for an inferior product somewhere else. Come to Builder Supply Outlet to see the difference in our product and service. Open to the public.

Builder Supply Outlet
2171 W Cermak Rd,
Broadview, IL 60155
(708) 343-3900 

Roy Spencer - President of Basement Defender

Roy is a respected authority in the waterproofing industry, with over 40 years of experience under his belt. His company, Perma-Seal, has earned a reputation as Chicagoland’s premier waterproofing contractor, thanks to Roy’s unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

His latest innovation, the Basement Defender, is a testament to his dedication to providing homeowners with the best possible protection against basement flooding, representing a major leap forward in the industry’s efforts to prevent water damage and save homeowners from costly repairs.