Why do you need your sump pump on a separate circuit?

An AC pump draws a lot of current and amperage when running.

You want to be sure that that is the only thing on the circuit because it could trip and you might never know it then get flooded. You don’t want to trip a circuit by turning a vacuum on, that trips the circuit breaker.

The basement Defender alerts you if you lose power as long as your WiFi router is still active – See WiFi Blog here

You also want to be sure you do not plug your pump or Basement Defender into a wall outlet trip circuit. Likewise for using a power strip/extension cord. These trip very easily and are not meant for sump pump systems. Most are not up to your city builders code anyway for good reason.

If you have two AC pumps you would need two dedicated separate circuits. You want to have a proper installation for your sump system to give it a fighting chance during rain events.