The Smart Home and What You Really Need: Do You Really Need a Smart Sump Pump System?

Do we really need a smart refrigerator to tell you how many eggs you have left?

It’s pretty impressive to your show friends.

According to recent studies 90% of homes have some form of IoT technology

This shows the IoT is well-and-truly reached mass adoption in the consumer space.

Other key findings include:

  • Over 90% surveyed have made a purchase of a connected home device
  • Nearly 70% already have a voice-controlled system such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • 58% percent of people who own a connected home device are concerned about how it may impact their privacy
  • 74% of respondents think connected home devices are the wave of the future
  • Over 30% who do not have a connected home device plan to make a purchase within the year

We have found:

  • The technology works, saving basements
  • customers want it
  • They will pay for the technology
  • They like the plan service
  • They get it

My question is if this is the future, why don’t other dealers offer Basement Defender?

  • They are afraid of the extra cost
  • They have a mental block of anything new
  • Brainwashed fear of problems from technology
  • They fear customers will reject it

If any system should be on that smart system list for your home, it should include the Basement DefenderTM

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