WiFi Paswordz and Typoglycemia

 Typoglycemia (a portmanteau of “typo” and “hypoglycemia“) is a neologism for a purported recent discovery about the cognitive processes involved in reading text. The principle is that readers can comprehend text despite spelling errors and misplaced letters in the words (Wiki)

90% of WiFi Pairing issues are due to typo mistakes that your brain reads as the correct, but the reality is the spelling or number sequence is incorrect. You look and it reads correctly (in your brain), but you see really what you want to see and not what’s really there.

Look at these name brand images-

Without looking at the image again, write down the names of the brands shown Compare what you wrote with the original slide – are they spelled correctly? There’s no fruit in Froot Loops and no cheese in Cheez-It Oreo Double Stuf name is short an f The burger chain Carl’s Jr. isn’t Carl Jr.’s ? Pairing Basement DefenderTM WiFi When pairing your WiFi to your Basement DefenderTM go to your phone’s network and click on forget network. Then log back into your network with your password. If you were able to log back in you know your password is correct, if not, you need to either reset your password with your service provider. This happens to a lot of people, myself included. Unfortunately/fortunately passwords and usernames have been given the luxury of autofill and spellcheck. Well when pairing a WiFi device for the first time you need to be dead on accurate, and unfortunately it’s not going to change anytime soon, because of security. This is a screenshot from an installer’s phone of a WiFi pairing that the homeowner swore was the correct password. It needed the”F” capitalized, a simple oversight that caused 30 minutes of frustration.
WiFi Paswordz and Typoglycemia

A second set of eyes is always a good idea if your WiFi is not connecting.You can also check the network on your phone to compare the case sensitive spelling of the network and password names. Make sure that you are connecting to the correct network as well. You might be typing in the correct dead on password, but if you are trying to connect to your neighbors network, it’s not going to work. 

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