Basement Defender™ High Water Alarm


NEW Basement DefenderTM High Water Alarm

Introducing the Basement DefenderTM High Water Alarm, the ultimate solution to safeguard your basement from flooding nightmares! Designed exclusively for Basement DefenderTM single sump pump systems, this high water alarm is a game-changer. With its audible alarm, it will warn you the moment water levels rise in your sump pit, ensuring you can take immediate action. But that’s not all! Our smart sump pump monitor goes the extra mile by sending you instant alerts when activated, guaranteeing you’re always in the know. And if the mechanical float switch fails, fear not – our alarm will activate the pump automatically. Don’t let basement flooding ruin your day – invest in the Basement DefenderTM High Water Alarm today and enjoy peace of mind like never before.


  • For single AC Sump pump Basement DefenderTM systems only
  • Heavy duty shield
  • Everything included  – including stainless steel clamp
  • 5” shield cord
  • Easy to install
  • Adjust to your systems needs
  • Rated for 20 Amp pumps
  • Connects to the Backup Pump jack on the Basement DefenderTM unit 
  • Only for 2.0 Basement DefenderTM units
  • 3 year warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Pump and Basement Unit Not Included.